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Monkey Mini Trail Green


Surprisingly, Honda's greatest commercial success was a motorcycle that didn't stand out because of its cylinder capacity, sleek design or ultra-modern accessories. This sale record champion is, in fact, such a small bike that she was renamed Monkey, because of the bent posture adopted by adults to drive, just like monkeys! At first, the Z50 wasn't even meant to be marketed!

As a marketing ace and lover of mechanical perfection, Soichiro Honda introduced the C100 Super Cub, a 50 cc open-frame model with an excellent four-stroke engine which tumbles horizontally, to the market in 1958.

In 1961, on this base, he released the Z100, a mini motorcycle that is, in fact, a super-compacted version of the C100. The objective was to allow Japanese children to learn to drive on the huge Tama Tech and Suzuka F1 attraction complexes, which are showcases for Honda products.

Quickly, the Z100 will seduce all ages. Faced with this craze, Honda developed a road version of the CZ100, which was exported in limited quantities to Europe and the United States in 1963. In North America, it is renamed Mini Trail.

Its playful character is the key to success in a society looking for entertainment. Practical, curiously maneuverable, efficient, with a reliable engine, these are the ingredients that will ensure the success of the small machine.

Moreover, its compact form allows it to find a niche in the market, such as boat enthusiasts, trailers, and campers. Once folded, it fits easily in a small trunk or compartment. In 1967, an improved version was released with the Z50M. It has a raised seat and better maneuverability. In 1969, it was replaced by the Z50A with front suspension and 8-inch wheels. In 1974, the Z50J benefited from the addition of a rear suspension.

This model is a 1972 Z 50 A and in its original shape with its original color and paint, never repainted.

Furthermore, this copy has never been registered and still has its original 1974 HONDA red stripe. Here is a rare opportunity to become the very first owner of this HONDA Monkey Mini Trail.

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Production Year



3 536 KM


2 CV

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